Marangu Shuttle about us began in 2001, with the aim to provide simple and cost-effective transfer solutions for customers and travel partners in East Africa mostly Kenya and Tanzania. Since then, we’ve made travel easier for tens of millions of passengers and now covers Kenya and Tanzania and resorts and cities in and around these two countries.

Our friendly customer service team is available 24/7 and provides emergency cover for our customers around the world, and outstanding advice before, during and after your trip. Complete your journey with Marangu Shuttle. about

What Makes Us Different?

We’ve clocked up some miles since we started and thanks to our experience (and your feedback) we offer an exemplary service for your peace of mind when travelling. We don’t do middle of the road and we won’t take you for a ride. In simple terms, Marangu always puts the customer first.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the airport transfer take us directly to our accommodation?

With private transport, the vehicle shall take you to, or pick you to your accommodation, taking into account the physical characteristics of the vehicle and access to the contracted address.

2. What is the difference between shared Shuttle and Private transfer?

We offer the following types of transportation:

Private hire with driver:

These transportation services are provided to the customer and their party according to the individual time and route requirements of the customer. The customer and his party will not travel with any other party. As soon as you have met your driver you will depart for your destination. No waiting for other parties and no additional stops.

Shuttle or shared ride:

These transportation services are provided to pre-booked customers on vehicles operating on flexible routing and flexible departure times. The customer and his party will travel in a vehicle shared with other customers on a vehicle most convenient to the Supplier.

Public transport:

These transportation services are for use by the general public operating on a predefined route and predefined schedule. The customer and his party will travel in a vehicle shared with other customers and members of the public.

Car Rental or Car Hire without driver:

Transportation is also offered as car rental with driver for short periods of time.

3. How will we find our transfer service at the airport?

Once you complete your booking, you will be issued a voucher with full instructions on how to meet your driver and where he will be waiting for you.

4. If our flight is delayed, will the transfer be waiting for us?

Yes, flight arrival times are monitored.

If you have problems collecting your luggage or clearing immigrations, please call us.

In respect of flight delays, diversions, missed connections when the transport service originates from the airport, the waiting policy is:

Flight Delays:
  • Private hire with driver: Flight delays from original scheduled flight time of up to 3 hours are included. With Flight delays over 3 hours you must contact us to request the vehicle be kept waiting. An additional fee is payable in advance of the transport service. If you do not do this, the service will not be provided.
  • Shuttle or Shared ride: You will be offered transport on the next available shared service.
  • Public Transport: You will be offered transport on the next available scheduled service.

Please do not send us an e-mail to advise of delays as e-mails are queued and we may not read your mail until it is too late.


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Marangu Shuttle can arrange any type of airport transfer for any party size in over 21,000 resorts and cities and different countries in East Africa.

If you cannot find your desired route or transfer choice from our search, please contact our Tailor Made team and they’ll be happy to help find the right trip for you.