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jkia Arusha Moshi shuttles

jkia Getting from Nairobi to Arusha Moshi can be stressful, confusing, even dangerous. With so many options available to you, why pick Marangu shuttle?

Marangu Shuttle has been in the transfer business since 2001 and has to date completed close to one million successful, safe transfers across the two country Kenya & Tanzania.

We are trusted by more than 400 corporate companies and 40 000 individuals from across the world. These include multinational companies, local companies and individuals.

airport transfers & shuttles

We specialize in airport transfers & shuttles for individuals and groups of up to 60 at a time.

We also provide conference and bespoke transport solutions for individuals and groups as big as 3000.

Marangu Shuttle services more cities in Nairobi jkia to arusha than any other provider including Parkside hotel, Silver spring, Arusha, jro Kilimanjaro, Moshe and marangu.

Marangu Shuttle services

The Shuttle has a 100% safety record. Unlike many of our competitors, we employ our drivers on a full-time basis and their working hours are controlled.

This means that they are always sharp, well rested and professional when providing service to you.

In addition, our vehicles are inspected daily and maintained in-line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To ensure that this standard is maintained, our entire fleet is rotated every 18 months –any Marangu Shuttle vehicle you get into is as good as new.

economy transfers

Our economy transfers are all conducted in late model 1.6l Toyota Corolla’s and 2.5l Toyota Quantum’s (for bigger groups).

All of our vehicles are washed & vacuumed on a daily Arusha basis and have a perfect maintenance record too.

Vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking devices and are monitored in real-time, 24 hours per day.

This ensures that we are able to guarantee a high quality and reliable product is delivered to you every time you use us! Furthermore,

all vehicles are fitted with air-conditioning, ABS brakes as well as the standard airbags contained in all the models we purchase.

Passengers – We have vehicles available that can accommodate between 1 and 22 passengers.

Luggage – Our vehicles are able to accommodate at least one large bag as well as one piece of hand luggage per passenger.